Jesus was not a mere spiritually enlightened man, nor even a man who became God … but rather He is fully God become fully man. At no point was Christ ever a man when He was not also simultaneously God. Never did His humanity exist apart from His divinity. >>

The incarnation will never be reversed. Prior to taking flesh from the virgin, the eternal Son existed as fully God, co-equal w/ the Father w/ no origin through whom all things were created. And from the first Xmas onward He simultaneously exists forevermore as fully man. #Advent

The Kingdom of God is sooo much more than just the way you have church on a Sunday.


Religion does not want you to search for truth. Instead religion indoctrinates you to seek continual reassurance that what religion taught you is the truth…. It’s called cognitive dissonance. - Don Keathly

The Bible is a book organized around two covenants: one between God and ancient Israel and one between God and you! Focus on the second one. The covenant between God and Israel is obsolete. Read it for historical context and inspiration. But don’t try any of that stuff at home!

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