Religion does not want you to search for truth. Instead religion indoctrinates you to seek continual reassurance that what religion taught you is the truth…. It’s called cognitive dissonance. - Don Keathly

The Bible is a book organized around two covenants: one between God and ancient Israel and one between God and you! Focus on the second one. The covenant between God and Israel is obsolete. Read it for historical context and inspiration. But don’t try any of that stuff at home!

“No, God has not revealed himself in any religion, including Christianity. He has revealed Himself in His Son.”
-Karl Barth

Much of what makes Christianity so resistible to those outside the faith are things we should have been resisting all along.

Only when you can sleep in your storm can you command your storm. We function from a position of rest . . . Always. #KingdomLifeMinistries

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